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Bridal Packages

Bridal beauty packages

Bridal beauty packages in Swansea.

Hair quarters are proud to say that we now offer an extremely competitive bridal beauty package service.

We can take care of your hair and beauty needs at any level you need us to, and every quote is customised to you, the individual customer.
if you need a bridal beauty package for your
big day and want great value and customisation, Call
01792 470 366 today.

Why pick us for bridal beauty packages?

  • Build your own customised package, from colours to final design.

  • Parties of 5 or more get a free bottle of prosecco

  • Personal packages priced to the individual to maximise quality and value.

  • Tanning, hair, nails, waxing and all other mainstream beauty products can be added.
Bridal beauty treatments
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